Scott Morris

I am one of the lucky people in life who is doing what the love and loving what they do! I am the Vice President of Business Development for Arcane Wonders! Arcane Wonders is a leading publisher in the table top game industry and the makers of Mage Wars; the Customizable Strategy Game of Dueling Mages!

In addition to my role at Arcane Wonders, in 2008, I founded Crits Happen, a video and blog site focused on the designer table top game industry. Known online as "Tox", I focus on a balanced approach to both big name publishers and independents alike. Crits Happen has grown internationally and I continually strive to bring the best of this incredibly social hobby to the masses, our “Critical Fans”!

In 2009, I co-found Emerge™, an Austin based professional networking group that meets weekly to discuss business and leadership trends over a variety of industries.

I stay grounded by very simple priorities; Faith, Family, Friends, Self; in that order. I am the proud father of two princes and one princess (who will forever keep me young at heart) and am married to their Queen; the most creative and inspirational force in my life.

Additionally, I have an Associate's Degree in Architecture and Design Technology from Dutchess College in New York ('93) and am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) ('08).