Sofia Harris

Hello. I'm Sofia. Some call me Freebird. And I'm a compound of contradictions.

Young at heart, yet old at mind. Self-proclaimed hippie and poet, as well as aspiring journalist and filmmaker.

Music is what inspires me, from metal and rock to classical and jazz. Sigur Ros taught me to see the beauty of life, Marilyn Manson taught me to write - and every single band at Woodstock taught me how to live. .

As a poet at heart, I enjoy the works of D.H. Lawrence and Shakespeare, as well as writers such as Haruki Murakam, though Janet Fitch's White Oleander remains my favourite book of all time.

Watching films for hours is my favourite way of wasting rainy days. Quentin Tarantino, Darren Aronovsky, Peter Jackson, Christopher Nolan and Sophia Coppola are to date my favourite filmmakers, though I enjoy the occasional horror film and random YouTube video.

I currently have 81 things remaining on my bucketlist of things to do before I die.

Hopefully, I'll manage to get them all done by the time I'm 30.