Soi N.

..Undoubtedly InsaNe.. ..Profoundly CraZy..
..Irresistibly wAcky..
..Disgustingly Selfish.. ..Unpredictably HoNest..

<3 I am an irritating plumby-baby-elephant with the face and body of a rude-crazy-ugly woman...I am a stupid-pessimist with my limited amount of understandings and beliefs regarding different-people-different-minds. I am a proud muslim with my complete faith over almighty ALLAH and Rasul(SM). I am disturbingly a big mouth and cruel-hearted person. I hate travelling-shopping-cooking. I love reading, listening to music-people-kids, sitting aimlessly, praying hard & hard and never giving up. For me life is about living each moment out even when there's noone around or when there's no hope left.I dont allow lieing-backbitting-backstabbing. I love to laugh and make people laugh. I am a conflicting charecter with my various mood-swings and attributes but by heart I try to perform as in a simple human. I respect each living creature as per behaviour and I intend to support each good deed done in the service of human nature-need-development.

Academically I am currently working on my dissertation for postgrad and working as in a Communication Executive in an international media and communication agency. I love working on concepts, issues and observing criteria related to development and welfare projects nationally and globally.

Bangladesh is my home-country and basically I am city girl - residing in the heart Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

I am a very loud person with a soft nature of nourishing people with care and kindness . I am severely fond of kids - i do wish to adopt children in future as per calibre as i believe there are more childrens in this world who needs home rather then giving birth to children and bringing them to home.

Inshallah..May humans be blessed with good deeds and good thinking and offcourse universal love for each-other..lastly the entire world is mine and you all are my family.. so live...laugh...let live.<3