Sonya Wins

In a city awash in wild new cultural invigoration, Washington, DC area native Sonya Wins is a social connector equally as comfortable in this new reality as she is in the ideals of DC as defined by George Clinton as "Chocolate City and its vanilla suburbs." Educated in the Prince George's County school system and at Howard University, she is as much a product of the top tier of local education as she is a child of the local nightlife scene. Her skills as one of DC's most underrated, yet appreciated, urban organizers and thought leaders comes from years of fervent support of Washington's vaunted hip-hop and go-go scenes, highlighted by her years as the proprietor of music blog and lifestyle brand The Glass House. Credit is also due to Sonya as being one of the founding members of Rock Creek Social Club. Significant experience working with a plethora of internationally recognized brands, including but not limited to Armand de Brignac Champagne, adds a dimension of established excellence that positions her as a rising star in a redefined Nation's Capital.