Soumya Vilekar

Soumya Vilekar is an author, blog-writer and a poet. She has penned over eight hundred poems to-date on subjects ranging from Eastern philosophy, spirituality, nature and human relations. After the publication of her (recent) metaphysical anthology, Soumya discovered yet another genre of writing as a novelist - a book in progress to be published in the near future.To-date, she has published several books:

'Life-Inspiration to Spiritualism' (philosophical reflection mingled with spiritual essence)

'The Mystic Journey' (Mystical reflections in verse)

'Winds of Philia' (Human relations)

'Suroor of the Soul' - Co-authored with Shaheen S. Dhanji (Journey of a soul from esoteric and exoteric perspective).

Soumya is fascinated and enriched by the beauty of nature, colours and hues of the human heart, mind and soul.She, with a silken thread of her verse tries to weave the tapestry of spirituality and philosophy.

She is Vocal Contributor on Worldpulse.Although hailing from the field of powder metallurgy, in which she holds a joint patent, she loves art.She has been featured in numerous poetic anthologies and her short stories found way in different e magazines.