Soumyajyoti (Soumya) Datta

Precision excites me! As does being able to distill certainty from seeming ambiguity… Which probably explains why I’m forever analyzing… assessing… organizing… and sifting through “stuff,” thoughts, goals, ideas, information…

As an Analytics Director, I lead and mentor globally distributed teams that perform “data alchemy” on complex information repositories and behavioral data flows (from digital, mobile and social channels) so as to present Fortune 100 marketing execs with the right strategic choices for making smarter decisions about their customers… their brands… and their budgets. Beyond work, I help individuals de-clutter the content between their ears, consequently accelerating ticks on their bucket lists and enhanced confidence with their “happiness projects”!

Educated at universities in St. Andrews, Ann Arbor, Sydney and Singapore, I enjoy travel and learning from people of different cultures and backgrounds… and thrive on the warmth of enduring friendships from around the world. I absolutely love books, and particularly like the delicate interweaving of the certainty of the old and the leap of faith into the new that is so sensitively celebrated in the best American immigrant fiction.

I’m passionate about contributing to the growth of the analytics industry and the evolution of data science education at universities, and have a keen interest in new data mining and visualization technologies; behavioral targeting and personalization; and the future of digital advertising and brand communications.

I’m nuts about language, aesthetics and design… am an aspiring author and food writer… and a really good cook! Ok, that should read… seriously awesome cook… as in, a total zealot in the kitchen ;-)) ! A random list of some of my other interests includes all things… Google… Amazon & Goodreads… Lifehacker… TED… eastern philosophy… behavioral economics… the emerging science of positive psychology… executive and career coaching… NLP… forensics and legal dramas… classic rock… American literature… period movies… and yes, the kitsch of Bollywood :-) !!