Spencer Rule

Using the conversational model of listen, plan, and then speak, I emphasize the importance of listening before you act. The real art of conversation is mastered before it even begins. Listen first and it changes everything. I believe a multitude of problems start with just one simple blunder…someone isn’t listening. Successful online marketing strategies spawn from a sound approach. I don’t begin focused on technology or distracted by tools, but keep the goals of the business in the forefront.

I am capable of seeking out meaningful conversations, comprehending them, understanding cultural nuances, identifying influencers, and then using that collective insight to create effective and informed strategies. Not only can I determine opportunities online for a business, but I can then create integrated strategies across social, website, and search engine channels to capitalize on them.

I help people imagine, plan, and create effective online content that achieves results. I live for KPIs related to conversions, improved site performance, better lead generation, improved search rankings, and increased customer engagement.