Sylvain Querné

I was born and raised in France, studied in Italy and France, travelled to many countries for as long as possible. Driven by curiosity and willingness to learn and discover new things. That's how I learnt to speak Spanish, Italian and English and met (and abandoned) my best friends. By making my life richer I also made it much more difficult to manage having to travel thousands of kilometers to spend time with friends and family. My passions became my frustrations :)

I'm attracted by anything technological, I'm typically and early adopter of technologies that could become failures or big hits. I started creating web sites in 1997 and made it a lucrative hobby while studying, ever since I've followed and tried to anticipate web and mobile trends for myself and for companies I've worked for.

I keep trying to connect dots everywhere, and have a passion for the unusual. It helps me in everything I do.