SrBilyon Harris

Currently working on an Indie game known as a Breeze In The Clouds

Also developing a multiplayer game with the working title, Tado Toss! The first build of it was created during Ludum Dare, in which it placed 54th in amoung 2000+ other games.

I've also worked on some small projects, such as these 48 Hour Game Jam Games, Jump Switch, which won "Most Artistic" and Boxed Souls

I am a diligent individual that is always seeking to learn something new. I enjoy technology and various forms of digital entertainment.

I am always conducting research on the software game industry, networking with various developers online and offline, and I’m continuously improving my programming skills every day.

I have been very creative since my youth, and want to make a career out of my interests. I consider video -games to be a melting pot of several mediums of art, as well as a rich form of entertainment that hits a player with several types of entertainment at once.

I also love puppies.