Sree charan

Sree Charan grew up in a small town, Nellore in the state of Andhra Pradesh in southern India. He began to love the art when he was a four year old boy, he know the design of almost every creature of the world and he loves to paint, paintings, colors. He was an artist when he was a schoolboy winning some good prizes. He started loving geography at the age of thirteen and he respected art so much. But unfortunately as the time decides the fate he fell in love with Apple.Inc from the millennium year since Steve Jobs released iPod. Then he became an Apple enthusiast with a lot of enthusiasm in exploring apple products. Since six years he is maintaining a close relationship with iPhone as it is the revolutionary product in the world's market now. He has been graduated from Jawaharlal University and he was developing some awesome iOS applications since three years, which have excellent ratings and reviews in appstore. When he is not developing iOS applications or painting anything, he will convert himself as a very good gamer as he loves to play games (video games).