Sreejesh Suresh

I'm intuitive and imaginative. I live my life making descisions followed by my heart, soul, and imagination. I daydream a lot, and usually have interesting stories to tell. I can be shy at times, but I'm really creative. I can be sensitive, but definitely not foolish. I can pick up on people's actions and is really good at reading people.


When put in difficult situations, it seems like I almost immediately know which solution is best, but because I can be vulnerable, submissive, and don't like to hurt other people's feelings or cause arguments/tension. Instead of following my brain, which may tell me to do one thing, I instead may follow my heart, and end up doing something completely different. Throughout situations like that and many others, I may appear weak on the outside, but inside I'm very, very strong. 

I'm very in tune with my mind, body, and everything else. I know who I'm, and enjoy spending their time doing simple things like reading a book or article, spending time with my sister or blog at

I'm also very loving, I do like being taken care of and pleased, but honestly sometimes it seems as though I like to please others rather than be pleased, which is usually true. I'm very, very caring to people who I love. I always try to help others, but people sometimes take advantage of how nice I can be, or take it for granted. This causes me to feel used and unappreciated, which is not good. I'm probably the worst thing ever when I'm unhappy. 

I'm are not evil when mean, Not always seek revenge, but I do like a bit of revenge. If you do something bad to me that truly hurt me - expect karma to come back around. And I certainly don't forget things. I would remember every hurtful word someone said to me. Sure, I may forgive easy, but I definitely won't forget. I have good memory when it comes to things like that, so treat me the way you would want to be treated, and you will most definitely be treated the same way.

I make excellent friends, too. If you ever need help, like mentioned earlier, expect me to be there for you in a heartbeat. Even if your friendship has not been long - even if you've only known each other for a week - I will be there for you and listen to your every word and even offer some great advice. I'm keen and, observe people a lot.