Sri Gawn Tu Fahr

He's not a guru, saint, master or redeemer. He is soul; dream's eternal lover and love's eternal dreamer. His name is Jean-Pierre Raven Gregoire, Canadian author of Love's True Home. He writes under the pen name of Sri Gawn Tu Fahr.

Dance in the rain and don't worry about the storm. When you heart is fully open, life is always warm.

Each life is a footstep; a lifetime of experience followed by another. Just because you wallowed in mud yesterday doesn't mean you can't ride a comet across the sky today.

How are you getting from point A to point B? You can get there as fast as possible in the most efficient manner, or you can enjoy all the adventures along the way with your spiritual senses fully awakened.

Your imagination is a most wonderful gift, so use it in a positive, creative manner. Perhaps you imagine that your heart has wheels, sails, or even wings. However you see it, know that your heart can set you free. As soul, you are a divine instrument through which the love of God flows. Imagine that, eh?