Stacie Walker

My name is Stacie Walker. I'm an International Author, Online Business Strategist, Podcast Host, and the Founder of Woman in Leadership (

Basically, I'm an all around success driven entrepreneur:)

In 2008, I officially said good-bye to the corporate world and have NEVER looked back.

Most of all, no regrets!

I adore working with professional leaders and dedicated entrepreneurs in the online business, home business, and small business industries.

It has been my mission and purpose to educate you with establishing a better business model and to assist you with improving the quality of your personal life.

I strongly believe there are certain elements that are essential to improve your skill set as a budding entrepreneur and leader in your industry.

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We are a online community that is centered around five crucial elements for long term business success:

1.) Business Advice

2.) Leadership Development

3.) Financial Advice

4.) Personal Development

5.) Marketing Advice

All five elements will help improve your skill set as a budding entrepreneur.

Whether you are just starting out or are currently established, we strongly believe in the importance of encouragement.

Share your voice and help make Woman in Leadership a better resource for small business owners, work at home moms, and startups.

Don't let the site name fool you. Men in leadership are always welcome here too!

The Woman in Leadership online community is a place to share your voice and the go-to resource for female small business owners, work at home moms, and start-ups.


The Woman in Leadership name stands for every entrepreneurial woman who is not afraid to pursue her dreams, no matter the obstacle.

If this sounds like you, then this is the right place for you!

I would love for you to connect with me and the Woman in