Stacy-Ann Hayles

What I Do

Small businesses and freelancers are good at what they do, but they need help in marketing. That's where I come in ;) Some of the ways I help are:

- My blog – Social Media Chica
- Answering your emails - seriously, ask me anything about social media
- Training and consulting (for those who need a little more in-depth help and want to save me from starvation)

How I Got Started

A few years ago, I starting calling myself a social media manager and tweeting 50 million times per day. With a degree in marketing, I figured it couldn’t be that hard.

Until people starting calling me to do actual work. Then I buckled down and figured out how to put the thing to good use. I’ve been in constant awe ever since.

My Work

Since then, I’ve become a pretty decent at social media marketing. I've managed social media for more than 30 local and international brands (like Vistaprint and The Innovators).

If want to get to know me better you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram (warning, I can be random) and check out some of my posts below.