Miroslav Stampar


Working in Information Systems Security Bureau (ZSIS / Croatia) - Government CERT, born 1982. in Vukovar, Croatia, writing computer code for as long as I could remember. A PhD student (security and parallelization majors) with Master's Degree in Computer Science at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) at University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Earned a prestige Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for Microsoft .NET (MCP ID#3815654) certificate in 2007, although I am lately strongly oriented toward open source technologies. As of programming languages used, this moment I am writing everything in Python/C/C++.

One of sqlmap authors, open source project for automated detection and exploitation of SQL injection vulnerabilities called, constantly developing and improving it from December of 2009. As of non-computer related stuff, I am opened toward everything competitive, mostly Brazilian jiu-jitsu and around 2000m mountain climbing.