Eric Stevens

My name is Eric Stevens.

I was born in Spokane during the 1980's and grew up in Northern Alabama. Over the last ten years I have lived in Denver, Santiago, Buenos Aries, Chicago and now San Francisco.

People like Sarah and Joe who know me through the interwebs call me @Stavn. Translated, Stavn means stem or the stern of a ship, but it really reflects the heritage of my family's surname. Early churches in Norway are called Stave Churches due to the unique framework and wooden structure, in which the norse craftsman inscribed their mark upon them.

Now as Stevens, renamed by culture, I follow in this practice by developing ideas and creating frameworks for innovation. My mark may simply be the time and thought behind a design, yet moves with and through it whether as an iteration or generation.

I cultivate my skills and knowledge within culture, and establish foundational work with an eye on the future. I have had the privlidge of collaborating and working with companies such as Hot Studio, SAP, Holly Hunt, Troscan, Emerson, Pollen, and Half Acre. I practice human centered design through ID, IxD and UX.

I am a human. I am a lover of complex problems. I design for humans.