Stefan Geis

As physicist, I've explored many concepts on why is it that there is something and not Nothing and what is this something? These explorations did not provide unique answers but allowed me to stay for a considerable amount of time in various interesting parts of the world. One University got rid of me in exchange for a PhD.

I differ by possesions that I do not own: a car or any other fossile fuelled device, a smart phone, and a TV set. My mobile is over 7 years old, far from being smart, and likewise far from needing replacement. Several bicycles are available in my household for various purposes, including winter biking w/ spike tries and electrical heating systems.

I believe that owning things is a misconception of my (our) status on this planet, and that it does more damage than good. Nevertheless, my Western background makes me happy to receive paper with funny colors and numbers on it in exchange for playing the role of Head of Development or for pursuing my hobbies as bike messenger or math & physics tutor.