Stephan Alber

My job is "the most important in advertising" (Edward Boches).

I teach people about digital tools and platforms and how to create with them. I create wireframes, sketches, concepts, strategies and code.

My focus is on social by design, geo-location services and mobile.

I manage creative and technology staff, work closely with strategists, creative directors, UX designers and development team to guide the execution of projects from an interaction design, IA/UX, usability and development perspective.

I constantly learn to improve our internal processes. I prefer working in a midpoint between waterfall and agile.

I participate in client meetings where creative and technology is discussed.

I present to both internal and external audiences to help educate, inspire and provide thought leadership on interactive technologies. Amongst others I'm writer for Allfacebook (Germany) covering technical Facebook questions.

I love APIs, both as a consumer and a creator.

Last: I'm not a cackler but a maker. I write code.