Stephanie Kathan

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Stephanie Kathan is a Visionary, Talk Show Host, Spiritual Speaker, Workshop Leader and Energy Alignment Coach in the Personal Growth industry,

Stephanie was recently featured on "Divine Intelligence Radio" with Tonja Waring.


Her books include ”Despair to Aware” (Currently in RE-Vision ) and several Journals created to align you with the flow of well being as your own thoughts make their way into reality.

Start your day off in alignment with Stephanie and her Web TV Morning Show!

Morning Vibe with Stephanie Kathan

Radio Shows include:
"The Journey Interviews"
"Aware to Millionaire series"
"LeadingEdge Talk"
"Energy Works"
"Lightworker Ministries"

This is what others are saying about Stephanie-

"Stephanie Kathan is a ray of light in a stormy sky- just seeing her coming is enough to energize a room and make you smile"

- Kenneth Atchity -Producer "Life or Something Like It

""Stephanie Kathan is in my experience a beautiful spirit and an inspirational conduit to bring unconditional love and inner wisdom to the planet".

-Len Branson - Documentary Film Maker (Superwise ME! - Law of the Heart)

"Stephanie, is the quintessential "come back kid" she understands what it's like to be knocked down, she's been there. Her commitment to not only get up each and every time she's been knocked down, but to learn and grow from it, will inspire you keep turning the pages of her book and keep taking in her loving guidance".

~Dov Baron...