Stephanie Dub

With my first word spoken at six months, my parents weren't surprised when I never stopped talking and proceeded to spend the bulk of my academic career studying communication. After identifying my passion to help people communicate in relationships, I earned an MA in Communication and became a certified IMAGO educator. Currently living in the sunshine city of Los Angles, I've had a wild ride filled with adventure on the road to following my passions; including hosting a radio show, creating, and writing a blog about dating, relationships, and communication.

After spending a few years earning a living managing a Learning and Development department for a Fortune 3 company where I focused on communication coaching, organizational culture change, instructional design, leadership training and process improvement, I inevitably joined the booming San Francisco start up world.

Having moved on from the start up frezny and SF, I now focus all of my energy on my passion- interpersonal and organizational communication coaching.

Constantly aware of the intricacies of relationships, connection, communication, and the human condition, I'm is always exploring how media affects our ability to communicate with one another.

Known to be sassy, rambunctious, analytical, academic, voluminous and boisterous, I love music, laughing, and storytelling and ceramics.