Steve P Brady

I teach young writers. I review good writing. I blog about and provide expert resume writing.

By day I am a mild-mannered English teacher, by night I blog on career advancement topics and provide executive resume writing services. I also review books, wax philosophical and occasionally say something interesting on Twitter.

I was born and raised in New England and graduated from Assumption College with a dual major in Classics & English and a concentration in Education. I still live here in New England. (My family roots go back over 300 years here, so I am pretty sure that means I can’t leave.)

I am active on most social media including Facebook, Twitter , G+, and LinkedIn, so whether you are looking for a resume or some freelance work, are an author with a book you’d like me to review, or, simply want to touch base, feel free to connect. If email is your thing you can contact me at my business address,