Steve Chenevey

News Anchor currently anchoring 6:00am-10:00am daily for FOX affiliate in Washington, DC. Previously, I was with ABC in Washington for 2 years after spending 9 years at FOX covering stories from Miami to Seattle. Named 'Best Anchor' in DC, MD & VA the last 2 years by the 'Emmy' folks but not in it for the awards. Documenting history is not just a privilege it's a passion. On the anchor desk at FOX we go head-to-head with Today, Good Morning America and The Early Show and recently had higher ratings than GMA and The Early Show combined. I've interviewed Michelle Obama at the White House and homeless Hurricane Katrina survivors in New Orleans. I've talked to celebrities from Sylvester Stallone to 50 Cent. I got Christine O'Donnell to explain why she really walked off the set at CNN and San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Montana to admit he's a Steelers fan. I've met people in the worst neighborhoods on the brink of despair who were still smiling with a story to tell.

I grew up with the childhood goal of visiting every town in every country to document life as we know, and don't know it. I amended that goal to try to tell every story to those who can't see it for themselves. I've only scratched the surface and am clawing to learn, see and discover more. When I finally grow up I want to travel and tell as many of those stories as I can. This is why I became a journalist.

I've worked for ABC, FOX and NBC affiliates in Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Scranton, Harrisburg and Youngstown. I grew up in a rural part of Pennsylvania where the closest town had a population of 2000 people and probably more cows. As my Twitter bio once read "I watch too much sports and have too many guitars". Growing up with sports led to my competitive nature. Growing up with music helped to nurture creativity. Growing up in blue-collar rural America and living among the power and elite of our Nation's Capital has taught me balance. I'm already looking forward to finding and telling tomorrow's stories, wherever they may be.

You can watch a few of my stories by clicking on the YouTube icon below. If you'd like to see more, we stream our show live every morning on into computers, tablets and phones all over the world.