Steve Reaser

Grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Second of 5 kids (and we all get along freakishly well!)

Finished a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering at Cornell, then went to Costa Rica and ran a bungee jumping business in Arenal for a few months.

Lived in Raleigh, NC then Las Vegas then Raleigh; moved the family to Boulder to be a part of the inspiring startup community there, but have recently relocated (permanently) back to Raleigh.

Rock climber since age 17. Love woodworking and sand volleyball. When I get a chance, I also hike, camp, bike, and snowboard. Have been in a few movies, TV shows, commercials - just for fun.

Married since 2007 to the lovely Melissa, and we now have a two daughters named Sydney and Madison.

From 2000 through May 2011 I worked at, a smallish company that provides a online homework tool. While in Colorado I co-founded Funding Launchpad, a crowdfunding platform. We pivoted that into -- but I have since stepped down for family reasons. Currently pondering my next adventure.

Long term goals include fixing the planet, helping improve lives via technology, making Raleigh a stronger entrepreneurial hub, and eventually mentoring and supporting other entrepreneurs.