Suraj Purohit


Thanks! For visiting my page and giving your valuable time.

I'm passionate about knowledge & technology.I'm trying to hunt A to Z knowledge of SEO , HTML5 , CSS3 , AJAX , PHP , Web Dev.

Now I'm attending F.E. of CS grad in Wadias , Pune.

Its first year lots of boaring subjects as Mechanics , Mechanical , Electrical And The Big one Maths are going on so let wait for S.E. ..... I also work as Editor at Dmoz and on some tech blogs as guest writer.

One of my favourite quotes: By Mark Zuckerberg

"Understanding people is not a waste of time."

My inspirational people are : Sergey Brin , Larry Page , Jack Dorsey , Julian Assange , Jeff Bezos.......from this think now you have idea in which profession I want to go.

I do Tweet,Blog,G+ and Fb.

And if you want to give me good wishes for my future and present then there are some links of social sites ..... you are welcome 24*7.

THANK YOU AGAIN ! ... Have a nice day. ( sorry for any grammatical mistakes )

I do Tweet,Blog,G+ and Fb.