susannah seefeldt

I'm Susannah Seefeldt. I am from N. California but have lived in New England for much of my life now. I like reading, living by the beach, daydreaming, interesting conversation, Wise old souls, Buddha, scarves, funky old houses, San Francisco, New York, Fat bald babies, Spunky Nurses, Strong women, Irreverent characters,true love stories, modern art, art nouveau, art deco, 1950's furniture, interior design, interior design books, textiles, old steamer trunks, Vintage authentic Louis Vuitton, Paul McCobb furniture, HeyWood Wakefield furniture,the beach, old Volvos, old Volkswagen buses and bugs, Vintage Porsches, fiestaware, vintage pottery, tea, cafe lattes, chocolate, painting, bright colors, fabulous boots and adventures. When I'm not preoccupied, I like to treasure hunt in antique and junk stores with my friends. I like well designed things. Things aren't really important anyway, relationships and experiences are. I like dogs-I have a Weimaraner and a Borzoi. I like learning new things and surround myself with smart and passionate people who inspire and challenge me. I am an RN and find nursing to be very gratifying work. I enjoy connecting with people and caring for them; they have taught me a lot of things! I believe in angels. I have a good memory and a strong conscience. I believe in Love and kindness. I am loyal and I always try my hardest at every goal I set out to reach. I do not commit to things or people that I do not believe in. I'm smart. I'm confident. I'm passionate. I'm funny. I'm a good friend. I'm a hard + dependable worker. I believe in doing things right and being honest; the rule of unintended consequences is real. I believe in forgiveness. I'm imperfect but I attempt to be self aware and avoid repeat mistakes. I hope that in the end, I have no regrets. I follow my heart. I'm continually seeking to grow and do better. As I get older I am getting wiser. I'm trying to be more patient. I am lucky in many ways. I have a terrible sense of direction and frequently get lost. I like to have a good time and laugh. I can keep secrets. I am horrible at goodbyes. I have found it is wise to be choosy about whom to let into my life, having standards is a good thing.