John Swords

I am a digital product manager and entrepreneur based in NYC, most recently VP of Creative Technology for Something Massive which acquired my boutique agency,, at the start of 2012.

I have 17+ years of entrepreneurship, product development, user experience design and a dose of game design. See my full profile on LinkedIn.


TurnTo Networks

TurnTo is a micro-collaboration platform that enables shoppers to ask questions of past buyers before they buy. The social interactions drive sales and higher customer satisfaction consistently and is used by millions of shoppers worldwide. [Website]

Red Bull Augmented Racing

This is one of the most creative ways to use computer vision technology that directly serves the marketing objective of selling a product. Developed originally by my team for distribution in the U.S. on iPhone, then later revised by the team at Something Massive for international distribution. [Watch Video]

TV Dinner
A social TV app platform that combines multi-player game design with fun content creation tools (think Instagram) and a patented user interface for conversation. Currently available for iPad and soon to be released as a web application.

Make Your Own HBO
Working with HBO, my team at developed a web app that allowed HBO fans to create sock puppet re-enactments of their favorite HBO television shows. [Watch Video]

Ben and Jerry's Augmented Ice Cream
Along with the team at Edelman Digital, my team developed the first markerless augmented reality iPhone app. "Markerless" because the application could recognize the lids of Ben and Jerry's ice cream without a machine readable marker such as a QR Code or Barcode. [Watch Video]