Sydney Chandler

For the last few years, I've concentrated my creative energy on writing short stories, screenplays, TV comedies, Sci-fi and documentaries.

I have written, produced and filmed military challenges for the ARMY ROTC, I am currently filming a documentary series about former NASCAR driver Felix Giles, who after a near fatal accident almost ended his life, is trying to regain his career and status in the sport. It is called "The Nighthawk". A sci-fi series titled "The Becks", a short film "The Friend Corps.", an action/adventure film titled "The Cote", a period piece set on The French Riviera, a comedy on European TV and a four part documentary titled "The Forgotten Women - African American Women's Role in History", and Age: Past, Present, Future just to name a few.

I'm at the helm of Madd Peach Productions and President of Nighthawk Racing. I also have a background in Sound (Boom Operator, Mixing and EPK -Electronic Press Kit), Set Lighting, Editing (Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe After EFX), Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Social Media, Location Scouting, Sales, Marketing, PR, International Business Practices and Foreign Affairs.

I believe life is a wonderful journey and I want to explore, enjoy and savor as much of it as I can. Professionally, I am dedicated to putting forth projects that have depth and purpose as well as entertain and inspire.

"To guarantee success, act as if it were impossible to fail" - Dorothea Brande