Sydney Chandler

For the last few years, I've concentrated my creative energy on writing short stories, screenplays, TV comedies, Sci-fi and documentaries.

I have written, produced and filmed a documentary on military challenges for the ARMY ROTC. I am currently filming a documentary series about former NASCAR driver Felix Giles, who after a near fatal accident almost ended his life, is trying to regain his career and status in the sport. It's titled "The Nighthawk"; a four part documentary - "The Forgotten Women - African American Women's Role in History" and I am also in the development stages on a documentary - "No one Knows What We Do".

In addition to documentaries, I've written and/or produced a sci-fi series titled "The Becks", a short film -"The Friend Corps.", an action/adventure feature film - "The Cote" - a period piece set on The French Riviera in the 1970's, a comedy on European TV, a webseries - Age: Past, Present, Future and a horror feature - "The Orbitors" just to name a few.

I'm at the helm of Madd Peach Productions and President of Nighthawk Racing. I also have a background in Sound (Boom Operator, Mixing and EPK -Electronic Press Kit), Set Lighting, Editing (Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe After EFX), Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Social Media, Location Scouting, Broadcasting and Journalism, Sales, Marketing, PR, International Business Practices and Foreign Affairs.

I believe life is a wonderful journey and I want to explore, enjoy and savor as much of it as I can. Professionally, I am dedicated to putting forth projects that have depth and purpose as well as entertain and inspire.

"To guarantee success, act as if it were impossible to fail" - Dorothea Brande