Taha A. Ahmed

The name's Taha! Welcome to my umbrella site!

So who am I? I'm a Civil EIT with extensive construction experience. Call me a barbeque man, frequent cycler, swimfan, movie-goer, bookworm, urban outdoor explorer, EDM (electronic dance music)/house music fan, and an active (and observant) social networking citizen. Plus a PS3/Wii fan and an enthusiast of AutoDesk software for engineering design and drafting.

What matters to me in life? Faith, Friends, Family, and Community. I've handled high-stress situations with ease, shown an extreme eye for detail, shown sincerity and professionalism to those around me, teamed up with people of different cultures, and demonstrated adaptability at all situations.

My quote for life I live by? "You will not be remembered for what you did to people, but how you made people feel"

Feel free to connect with me via the below links. I'm always open to networking. Enjoy your viewing and happy surfing!