Steven Talbott

Steven Talbott is the founder of Vacation Side Travel - a full service gay owned and operated travel company located just outside of Nashville, TN. He also serves clients through Gay Travel Experts which offers VIP Travel Concierge Services to discerning travelers.

Steven's 3 Pillars of Life:

  • Live like there's no tomorrow
  • Dance like no one is watching
  • Love like you've never been hurt before

Steven's Personality Profile:

Steven Talbott is an executive. He is efficient too. Steven has high standards and takes his duties seriously, focusing carefully and persistently on his assignments with sensible, concrete, tough-minded thinking and exactitude.

Mr. Talbott respects schedules, rules, routines and customs. Appropriate behavior is generally important to him. He has a permanent streak of independence and innovation within. As a result, he also maintains good balance between conventionality and originality.

Steven is also a good leader. He is direct, analytical, and skeptical, as well as emotionally contained and clear headed. Steven handles his possessions gracefully and enjoys his time alone, focusing deeply on his personal interests.

In his words. . .

"My undying passion for travel started at a very young age and continues to this very day. I grew up with a single parent putting herself through college, working full time and taking care of 3 kids and we were lucky if we got to travel any farther than a couple of hours down the road to Ruby Falls, in Chattanooga or maybe Six Flags, in Atlanta. There were always kids in school flying off to Europe or cruising the Hawaiian islands for summer vacation so as soon as I was old enough to work (15), I saved every paycheck while constantly checking out any travel deals in the newspaper so that I experience more of the world.

Today, I’ve got 10 years of professional experience under my belt, much being in the technology industry working for one of the world’s largest pc makers and service providers. I believe it’s the combination of skill sets, expertise and experience in travel, technology, computers, business analysis and project management that makes me one of the best agents around. I am extremely resourceful, patie