Cari Morgan, Author

I am an independent author of children's books. I am also and more importantly, a mother of 3 adult sons and grandmother of two gorgeous boys; a USMC veteran, and was a nurse for more than 15 years. My most enjoyable activities are video chatting with my grandchildren, reading, writing, and dancing, to name a few. My biggest pet-peeves are tardiness and lack of honesty. I strongly believe in "the golden rule" of doing unto others as you would have done unto you, and have learned that giving is much more satisfying than receiving.

Books and writing have been my passion ever since I can remember and stories just "pop" into my head at all times. When my children were little I made up stories for them but never had the chance to write them. Now that they are grown I am writing and illustrating children's books loosely based on those stories.

The characters in my first three books (not yet published) are an amalgamation of all 3 of my children. Publication of my first book, "The Birthday-Makers" has temporarily been held but will hopefully be out this year (2014). Followed by "Where Spaghetti Comes From" and "A Puppy Named Kitty." Later on will be "Tall-Tales for Katie" and "That Doesn't Scare Me... (Much)!" which portray characters based on personal childhood friends and children of old-time friends and neighbors.

For more information on the status of these books and much more, please visit my social networks listed below and be sure to follow me. Happy reading!