Tansel Ali

Hello! My name is Tansel and I’m an average everyday guy that once had a shocking memory. It just so happens that I learned a few memory strategies and with some persistence, ended up becoming a 3-time Australian Memory Champion.
I started off as a sceptic. I didn’t believe those people I saw on television remembering everyone’s name, or the 20 shopping list items they memorized back to front and random order. That was until my good friend came along and showed me it was all ‘memory techniques’ and not some sort of magic trick I initially thought. So I started practicing these so called ‘memory techniques’ and to my surprise they actually worked. In fact, they worked so well that I started breaking memory records competing in memory championships. To this date I still hold national memory records for remembering the most names and faces and binary digits in five minutes.

In 2010 I was approached by a PR company to memorize two Yellow Pages phone books. I was crazy enough to agree, and managed to successfully complete the task memorizing over 2300 business names and 20,000 digits of telephone numbers in only 24 days. The only person in the world to have ever achieved the feat. I was tested and featured live on television nationwide recalling the phone book.

In 2012 I was asked to coach one of the most influential executives in Australia, television personality and CEO of Leo Burnett Todd Sampson. This was for a television documentary on the human brain titled ‘Redesign My Brain’. It had a record 1.4 million viewers on the night and was even nominated for a Logie. I trained Todd to compete at the World Memory Championships in London where he memorized an entire deck of randomly shuffled playing cards. Half an hour later, he even remembered them backwards from last card to first – all within a few weeks of coaching. Unbelievable!

My passion now is helping others realise their potential by speaking in conferences, running workshops and coaching sessions. I even do the odd memory demonstration to keep people entertained as well as host and MC functions. I feel it’s my obligation to let everyone know what can be done with simple techniques that can change lives.

Visit http://tanselali.com/about for my full profile story.