Tayelor Kennedy

Tayelor Kennedy is the founder of Kennedy Wellness. Tayelor began her fitness career as a personal trainer in 1993. She started taking yoga in 1995 with her mother when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Tayelor's mother was a lifelong health advocate and had a regular exercise routine that included walking, The Lotte Berk Method (the original barre workout), and tons of ab work. Tayelor’s mother read that yoga was good for keeping cancer patients relaxed and uplifted while going through chemotherapy treatments. So, they began taking classes; and Tayelor has not looked back.

“I love yoga. It was my saving grace after mom passed away. It keeps me grounded, and it heals the entire body from the inside out. I can always count on yoga. Whenever I am stressed, have problems, or a decision to make, I take it to the mat. Yoga calms, challenges and guides me to my core truth. I'd love to be your guide."

In addition to teaching Vinyasa flow yoga, Tayelor also promotes anti-aging, wellness and healthy eating and lifestyle habits through yoga's sister science Ayurveda. The Food, Breath and Sound program is the original Ayurveda Lifestyle program that was introduced in America by the Renowned Spiritual Teacher, and Ayurveda Pioneer Maya Tiwari, the founder of Wise Earth School of Ayurveda.

Contact Tayelor for a Consultation at: namaste@tayelorkennedy.com ~ Skype Sessions Available

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Kennedy Wellness & Bloom Yoga has two public classes per week; and the rest of the practice is private and semi-private client sessions.

Prenatal classes aim to prepare the mother for birth; building strength and stamina for labor. The prenatal yoga asanas and gentle stretches also create space for the baby and keeps the mother comfortable.

Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultation
Ayurveda Consultation for Menopause
Ayurveda Beauty Consultation
Ayurveda Cooking Lesson
Private Yoga Session
Semi-Private Yoga Session
Customized One-to-One Retreat with Tayelor (Retreats can be a full or half day)