Ta✌l☻r Kwek

Like many other young people, I struggled to find my niche in life. Plagued by anxiety, panic attacks and phobias at a very young age, it made the idea of a normal healthy life feel unobtainable. My father was an impatient and easily frustrated man and his personality only fuelled my fear. My mother was kind and supportive, but unable to cure my condition. My parents, doctors and sinseh searched for a root cause, but no diagnosis was given. I made various attempts to combat my illness on my own with only temporary success. I would carry a packet of sour plum everywhere I went to counteract the nausea, but it became a security blanket for me. I was taken to a psychiatrist and given numerous anti-depressants and panic-suppressants, but the calming effect decreased as my body became use to the medication. I eventually realized that the only permanent solution was to learn how to cope(meditation, breathing exercises) and succeed despite these obstacles. Everyone faces challenges that seem insurmountable at the time, but when you dig deep and push past tough obstacles, the reward is irreplaceable.