Teresa Bradley

I'm 46 -a single mother of an 19 and a 17 yr old -A lover of life, no matter the challenges

I was born a Leo -strong, yet weak -not sure where I find this strength most days -but when you have children, they are your strength -A believer, yes I am -you find your path, take it, it gets bumpy, you take another -it's a journey and you must go on, no matter the obstacles -it's well worth the ride -believe in this, and you will go far.

I love animals -A few I'm most attracted too = Wolves, Tigers & Panthers

I'm a music lover, so you won't see me without it in my life -I listen to a variety

Being a victim of abuse as a child, I learned to live in isolation. I am quiet in person, but you would never guess by my words written on here or any other form of writing. Communication is sometimes difficult, but I can open up when I am comfortable enough. I am not understood very well, and people say that I am complicated -this I deal with in my own way. I have a good heart, and this sometimes gets me taken advantage of, but I can be no other way. I am a giver, not a taker. I am sensitive beyond control and will cry for what most will say, the silliest of reasons. I am grateful for all that I have in my life (my children most important) yet something is missing. It will come to me -if not, it was meant to be. Don't fall into my eyes, it's a trap (ha) Although my best feature, I have a very low self esteem -can't seem to break free of it, but it is on my list of things to achieve.

In my free time, I spend a lot of time on my computer -it's like a getaway for me -this is where I actually have a few friends -guess it's meant to be.. I'm open to friends if you can truly be one

I'm not here to show off my many talents, because to be honest, I have very few -I don't have a degree in college, nor do I have a steady full time job. I have yet to find work to allow me a comfortable life, but I am not skilled with smarts as I wish I could be. My location is limited as well.

I don't expect anything from making this page, I chose to out of loving the attention it brings from people all over the world, plus I also get the pleasure of seeing the creative minds of my visitors pages as well -so thank you to those who take notice and for those who leave a kind compliment of some sort -it does the heart good :)