Tearra Ross

I was born and raised in central New Jersey. I lived in Florida for almost three and a half years, before I relocated back to the tri-state. In 2012, while living in Florida I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Music Business at Full Sail University. I have now completed my Master of Science degree in New Media Journalism.

I love music, it's my first love. I always knew I had to be apart of the music industry. Singing is where it all stemmed from for me, that became the core of my passion for music. I am also a writer. Writing is another passion for me. Since I was a child, I have been writing. It was only a matter of time before my two passions were combined.

Ultimatly, this led to me developing my own website WrecklessArt, which I have been publishing on for over a year and a half. My blog is associated with the music and entertainment industry. It's base is about freedom of self-expression and creativity as an artist. It incorporates art in a variety of forms through music, poetry, fashion, and inspirational posts, which includes videos and audio interviews. This has led me to venture out and begin the process of developing, producing and hosting my own Youtube entertainment show, along with a co-host.