Teelip Lim

I have a penchant for challenges and life’s quirks; preferring to seize the day as much as taking in all the flavors that life has to offer. Be it the appreciation of art, technology, science or food, I take them all with gusto. *Burb*

Being an optimistic opportunist, I hope to constantly push myself to try something new or different. After all life is about experiences and I believe that we can learn as much as share our knowledge.

I am a technical executive in a local media/broadcast/training company, continually learning about technology and pursuing my current passion in photography.

Formerly I was a polytechnic lecturer for 8 years, challenging minds of the youths and juggling between freelance work garnering a diverse mix of clients under my portfolio; while winning local awards and nominations for video, photo and digital art competitions, such as Fly-By-Night, ComGraph, Crowbar Awards and Noise Singapore.

Graduated with honors from Nanyang Technological University's School of Communication and Information where I majored in Electronic and Broadcast Media with a minor in Drama and Performance.

Previously while serving my country in National Service as a combat medic, I had volunteered to provide medical support with the United Nations for the East Timor Mission. It had given me great opportunities to learn about other cultures and working in a team of dedicated life-savers.

My interests include Photography, iPhoneography, videography, digital art, music, movies, diving, inline skating and table tennis.