Mike Tessai

Genre: E.ntropic D.ance M.usic
Friday 6:00P CST ow.ly/nOvG4

Management: Ideal Clubworld
Booking Inquiries: sacha@idealclubworld.com

Direct dj.tessai@gmail.com
Stay Tuned For Updates!

Tessai hails from Dallas during the era of vinyl records in the late 90’s performing for radio stations and residencies alike. In 2005 Tessai put on a successful local event that he planned, promoted and booked talent for that set the venue with a diverse crowd of music fans for one memorable night. Soon, he was headlining events throughout the Midwest and received an invitation to play at "Otakon" in Baltimore, MD for one of the largest anime conventions in North America!

By 2007 Tessai performed for the first music festival at The Downs at Santa Fe racetrack with over 300 artist and 60K attendees. He co-founded JupiterOwl Recordings, then launched a live weekly radio broadcast on Ideal Clubworld in 2012 featuring Techno-House on Fridays 6PM CST / 12AM BST. For music enthusiast seeking a unique showcase of talent having the ability to connect with a crowd & adapt quickly Tessai could be your new favorite! Check back for updates & follow @dj_tessai on Twitter or inquire via email above (also see http://owl.li/xQDTI) thanks for listening.