the JoshMeister
Biography the JoshMeister is a computer security geek, podcast producer, and Latter-day Saint. He writes and podcasts about information security, Apple, tech, the TV show LOST, and religion. He currently works full-time as a computer Network Specialist for a large organization, supporting over 150 sites throughout the largest geographic county in the contiguous United States. Josh also works as the Podcast Producer and Host for MacTech Magazine. He is also the author of a popular computer security blog, "the JoshMeister on Security." Education Josh has three degrees including a master's degree in Information Technology concentrating in Internet Security and a bachelor's degree in IT concentrating in Network Administration (graduated summa cum laude). He has also taken doctorate-level coursework studying Business Administration and Computer and Information Security, and he is a CompTIA Security and Network certified professional. Public Recognition Josh's computer security research has been featured or mentioned by many notable tech news outlets and security sites including: CNET (Elinor Mills' InSecurity Complex column; also republished by CBS News), MSNBC, Computerworld (also republished by PCWorld, Macworld, CIO, PC Advisor, and InfoWorld), Yahoo! News, The Register, Lifehacker, ExtremeTech, Sophos Naked Security / Sophos Security Chet Chat, TWiT Tech News Today, SC Magazine, heise Security / The H Security, StopBadware, Cyber Crime & Doing Time, The Mac Security Blog by Intego, Unmask Parasites, Norman Security Center, and DNS-BH.