John H. Meyer

John H. Meyer is an 19 year old technology entrepreneur who is now working on new and innovative projects to give back to society.

When John was 13, he first got into iPhone development, and created his first few apps.. By the time he was 16, he created over 35 apps, 6 of which got into the top 25 of the iTunes AppStore. He has received a combined total of over 2,500,000 downloads of his creations in less than 3 years, with the use of his unique design style, marketing techniques, and business strategy.

In high school John started another project called, DevFund, which definitely fulfilled John's goal of changing the world before he graduated high school.

DevFund is an intermediary charity targeted towards iPhone developers like John. Here's how it works. An iPhone developer hears about "DevFund" giving developers the opportunity to donate some of their monthly earnings from their app sales to charity. They sign up, and get a special "DevFund" badge on their app icons in the AppStore, making their app the more likely choice over a competitors' app who doesn't donate a portion to charity.

On the user side, there is a "DevFund" public app. Here, users from around the world can vote on one specific and unique charity that all proceeds from the current month will go to. This ignites public participation and should get general users excited.

Since 2008, iPhone developers have earned over $10 billion for their work. What if just 1% of the money earned by developers went to charity? That's $100,000,000.