Robert Hubert
Hi there, You've probably come here to learn something about me and I know I've only got your attention for about 10 seconds so I'll try and be brief. I spend my time studying and designing mobile applications, user interfaces, and puzzle games. I started AGOG Entertainment in an effort to turn these passions into something tangible that others can enjoy as well (why be selfish, right?). I record and sample bizarre objects and turn them into music and sound-scapes, I doodle, invent, and think out-loud. I collect retro video games, and I'm currently working on a project remastering classic videogame music. I believe the human mind is the most interesting piece of technology we know the least about. I love working on complex problems and strive for that awesome feeling you get the instant you've realized you may actually have found a solution and the scramble which follows to complete and test your ideas out on the world. Smile; your brain can't tell the difference :)