Tami Adair

"Reinvent yourself often."
"Lead a life filled with questions and an insatiable zeal to answer them."

Thank for dropping by and visiting my humble corner of the creative interwebs universe.

Call me, Tami. Everyone else does.

For 5 years, I’ve worked in & out of a laundry list of NGOs, agencies, traditional and digital brands. I get brain boners about clean, yet vibrant illustrative design and love to nerd out over the nitty gritty.

Thoughtful and meticulous in execution, in the design-o-sphere, my heart lies in infographics. A TV fanatic, film school grad, musicophile, raconteur, currents events junkie, and avid reader, I HEART media, especially pop culture + culture at large. The culture of New York City is work hard, play harder and I'm no exception when it comes to the pursuit of creativity. I'm a holistic creative who sees creativity as more than a cathartic outlet or a business skillset, but a mindful way of living.

Current Path
I'm double fisting design & production @ BBDO NY & loving every minute of it. Uncovering and collecting authentic personalities everywhere I go, I love people and understanding how they tick. In love with the process and art of storytelling, I'm exploring writing as a way to begin creating my own worlds via transmedia storytelling. Don't know where these stories will take me, but self-discovery is half the fun. Now that I have found a writing partner as wickedly creative as I, we're plotting our media takeover as we speak. Hee hee.

Brand Prodigy
The Curious Creative is the namesake for my blossoming brand empire. Currently, I have two clients. One in music + fashion. The other in film + community development. Through their respective brand ventures, I will build my seat of power as an art + media tycoon. Everything has been planned + thought-out. Only the orchestra needs to learn the sheet music in order to carry out this beautiful symphony we're about to create.

Creative Lifestyle