Daniel J. Smith
Daniel J. Smith is a man who wears many hats; among them-Mindful Motivator, Peer Support Professional, Master Morale Booster and currently: Community Engagement Manager with SocialHR. Daniel was born and raised in Southern Ontario, Daniel is one of the first people to give support to those trying to achieve their dreams and reaching for their stars. His knowledge of Human Nature comes from a Journeyman's view of Hard Work and Experience- having held numerous positions over his career, in both the salaried and commission-based arenas; from Stock Person to Store Manager and all points in-between. The time spent as a Sales Professional has allowed him to create his Mission Statement: To take responsibility and be honest in all his dealings, To operate with a Sense of Fair-Play (never placing himself before the goal) and to consistantly offer a straight-thinking approach in all his dealings. For all the efforts he employs publicly, Daniel considers himself a private person. Daniel can usually be found in a number of locations and sites on the internet and looks forward to interacting with others and helping them achieve their goals- Because sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.