Theo  Birkner

Born and raised in the outdoor playground of Vancouver, Canada, I've spent the majority of my life chasing interesting opportunities to work and play (or play at work) in North America, Europe, and Africa.

An entrepreneurial, "I'll-try-most-things-at-least-once" type of guy, I'm excited about action sports, brilliant advertising & design, adventure travel, and cars and motorcycles. I'm not a one-trick pony however, and once the adrenal gland has had its daily fill, I turn to old soul things: I don't own a television; I drop the knee on telemark skis; I believe the unabridged Count of Monte Cristo to be the greatest book ever written; and I don't own a toque that I didn't crochet. I'm also of the mindset that anyone can feel better and get a lot more done if they just get up a little earlier in the morning, drink more water and eat healthier, and take a walk outside now and again.

Of course, the love of a good challenge follows me into academia and vocation. As a licensed real estate agent and a BBA grad that exalts well-written copy, I enjoy representing buyers and sellers building equity in Vancouver's housing market, and also help companies make real money online. I subscribe to fresh creative direction, classy design, well-executed presentation, and I hate spelling errors.

In short, I like to look at the world through a rather unique lens, and believe that I can help you and yours do the same. Click through to the links below for what I'm up to, and get in touch if you want to chat; I do English, French and Swedish comfortably and will try anything else you break into for the fun of it.