The Quiet Compere (Manchester)

Carole Bromley: "Sarah's creative energy and enthusiasm are legendary. She encourages and gives a platform to fellow poets. Where would we be without her?"

Peter White, Leeds (26th June 2013): "As she proved at Poetry by Heart’s event in June, not only does Sarah L Dixon have the knack of reading her own poetry in a way that makes the listener want to hear it again, she’s also proficient at pulling together a diverse but well-blended group of poets with contrasting styles to create a sparkling evening’s entertainment. I think I can speak for everyone who attended in saying that the Heart Centre will certainly look forward to the next appearance of ‘The Quiet Compère’.

Guest slots: Spoken Weird, Halifax: 8th August 2013. Shangri La: 24th May 2013 Stirred: Mon 4th Feb 2013 Write Out Loud Sale: Tues 21st Jan 2013 Manky Poets: July 2010

Lead Poets reviews:

Rosie Garland: "Lead Poets is a lo-fi poetry event that started quietly and with little fanfare, letting itself be discovered for what it is. It has grown into a gathering of people who love words. No fuss, no flashing lights. Warm, friendly and clique-free. It is a rare thing."

Charlotte Henson: "Lead Poets is a small but perfectly formed evening in an intimate, shared environment. Host Sarah L Dixon, who calls herself the quiet compére, lives up to the name and guides the evening skillfully to a satisfying conclusion. Definitely one to look out for."

Rod Tame: "Really great night! Fab poetics and lovely company."

John Darwin: "Post Box Poets has a rare and lovely gentleness."

Quiet Compere Tour of the North and Birmingham

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