Theresa Chong, P.Eng

Theresa Chong welded metal on a steel roof, was suspended off a crane, and even drove a forklift without crashing. After six years as a civil engineer, she has traded in her construction boots for a video camera.

As a multimedia science journalist, she has produced and hosted a 30-minute television show about fusing engineering innovation and artistic creativity. She also co-produced a short documentary about an aspiring inventor and even traveled across America to cover some of the best inventions of 2013.
As the creator, producer and host of her second online science show, “Deconstructing Science with Theresa Chong,” she has ventured into the world of 3-D printing, flyboarding, and growing vegetables in space.

With her GoPro camera in hand and newly built green screen in her tiny apartment, she’s carving her path as a science producer and host. Theresa has a master of science in journalism degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.