Aoife Emily Hart

Transgender academic (PhD, University of British Columbia 2008:Comparative Literature), something of a non-tenured ronin on the adjunct circuit {{thank you for applying: we have received over 408 CVs from really swell people like you and we regret to say . . .}}

Areas of speciality: transnational modernity and cultural translation studies; modern Japanese and Irish literature; queer theory and transgender studies; eating disorders, mental heath, and societal conceptions of body outlaws.

I have a number of publications on the above subjects in print currently. I am particularly proud of my a recent publication, my first as Emily, which was fittingly an analysis on transgender identification in the manga 'Tsurubara-tsurubara', part of a collection with the really lovely people at /Mechademia/:

Avid yogini girl, play the folk harp, calligraphy inkmaiden, elf lass in cognito, incense listener, and drinker of far too much chai tea that I make from scratch and sencha sent by my friends in Shizuoka. Resisting and confirming various tropes simultaneously. Fluent in Japanese and Korean, mucker arounder in Sanskrit and Irish Gaelic. Dedicated vegetarian. Lustful traveller and humble experiencer of the impossible suddenly graspable. Always have a pair of ikebana scissors in my purse! Currently residing in Vancouver with overburdened book shelves, ghost orchids, and a very small coven of my fellow dryads.

I keep an informal anti-blog on FaceBook. Feel free to add me if you'd like to read my thoughts on trans activism, queer theory, ed support, tealadyship, names of angels in bonji, freaky Irish faeries, necromancy and calligraphy, vegan cinamon buns, tattoo culture, Moksha yoga, experimental tarot, translation and subtitling of manga, #mlp, mala beads, feminist poetics, Irish Gaelic in the digital spheres, addictive J-dramas, puberty v2.0, why /Breaking Bad/ has some of the best dramatic tension this side of a Shakespearean revenge tragedy, how to pronounce 'Aoife', and the beautiful saijiki that is our personal almanac of dreams. Married to my Numinous Red!

"The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Anaïs Nin

Peace. Namaste. <3