Josh Torres

Occuptation: Community outreach, proffessional lurker, and small time site administrator for Call of Duty!

Interests: Internet culture, food, and future technology.

Motto: Watch. Learn. Adapt.

Love: The sound of rain on a tin roof.

Video games are love. Video games are life.

Currently living my dream job of working with and playing videogames as an "adult." I love first person shooters, western RPGs, and games in general.

If you have Call of Duty related questions, then feel free to message me on Twitter. Don't be afraid to be direct with your questions either. I may not have all of the answers, but I'll at least attempt to respond.

Care to play? Send me a message at one of the tags below.

Xbox Live & Steam: FoxhoundFPS

PSN: Foxhound_FPS