Tiago Dias Miranda

Born in Portugal but raised in an international environment. Three continents and eleven countries later, adaptation skills, negotiating complex environments and broad-mindedness have become innate aptitudes. He is the founder & facilitator/host at Design for Europe.

Design for Europe is a network of self-managed laboratories in european universities in which students from different cultures and backgrounds solve local social problems through the interdisciplinary creative process of Design Thinking.

Visiting lecturer at Istituto Europeo di Design for the Masters of Design and Innovation and for grad-students on Product and Interior Design. Both courses focus on why it is important to work with a creative process in the 21st and how to achieve 'out-of-the-box' results.

Member of Edgeryders. Edgeryders provides Open consulting: expert advice powered by adhoc networks of citizen experts. We rally to your problem the brightest innovators, hackers and trailblazers, driving change at the edge of society. Think of us as a big red "Bring on the hackers" button.

Worked 2 years at Soulsight, a strategic design consultancy based in Madrid specialised in service and organisational design. As a strong believer in the of the integration of organisations and societies, he was responsible for the company's social initiative: Soulmatters.

He is also the co-organiser of Creative Mornings Madrid, a free monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types.

A social designer generates social development through products, services and organisational design.

His greatest hobby is what he calls culture sharing and he literally incarnates the Cookie Monster in a human body.