Tiffany Poe

Hi, I'm Tiffany Poe, I've been sharing my love for food, cooking and creativity for more than a decade. Two words describe me, passionate and enthusiastic! I've brought to life the fascinating topics of culinary arts, organization strategies and success principles to thousands of students, professionals and business teams throughout the United States. A Certified Executive Chef and graduate of The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York, I enjoy blending my experiences from the hospitality, education and corporate world into the style of teaching, styling and coaching I now share with my clients. I am the owner of Tiffany Poe Culinary Services (a consulting, food styling and corporate coaching company). My clients have included national food media companies, education institutions and corporate hospitality and industrial teams. My husband Steven and I have been married for fourteen years and have four small children. We are the owner/innkeepers at The Grandview Inn, a historic bed and breakfast near The Tall-Grass Prairie in Osage County Oklahoma. I started blogging under the name Gastronomy Mommy, where I share my perspectives on food, life and the gastronomic adventures as a chef foodpreneur and mommy.