Tikva Morowati

Hi, I have expertise developing new innovative & successful consumer products; and I love what I do.

I most recently worked at Facebook helping third parties (like Nike and Match.com) build new products and social systems, which leverage the social graph and authentic identity.

Before that, I worked out of Charming Robot, a NYC-based product design shop where I designed minimum viable products for startups and large companies such as Ralph Lauren International, Founderscard, Jimmy Fallon, and Lolly Wolly Doodle (which is Facebook's #1 marketplace).

I am also the Director and Curator of Ignite NYC.

As a former Montessori student, I am an ITP Alum, NYU Film School Alum, ex-concert curator, ex-sound engineer, and ex-documentarian.

I recently did a fun interview for the 2905(miles) newsletter, which I hope you get a chance to read :)

(Thank you to Braden Kowtiz for the photo!)